Parish Mission Trips

Pat & Steve Macy with the children in Mount Olives (homeless community)

Mission Team Travels to Honduras! 

Honduras Mission Fall Trip is scheduled for Nov 1-8th Have you ever considered an international mission experience?  A group of volunteers will going to El Progresso, Honduras this Summer to work with an orphanage and neighborhood outreach program. For more information, contact Katrina & Rudy Villarreal, at

What do we do on the trips?

In June 2013, our team had a new experience in taking some of the children from the orphanage to their homes to visit their families.  Many of us believe if they are in the orphanage they have no family, but some of these children are there because their family loves them enough to know they cannot take care of them, and sacrifice seeing their children for months at a time, in order to give them proper nutrition and care, as well as educational opportunities they would not get at home.  We traveled to a mountain community where we were able to witness Sr. Teresita intervene with starving children and learn first hand the trials of both the families and the program staff that try to care for them when with limited resources, but lots of love and faith.

January 2013, our own KC's headed to Honduras with their work belts & tools! They assisted with the repairs on a tutoring center, which is a neighborhood based intervention site for the orphanage's outreach programs.  They also repainted the exterior of the orphanage, which gave them the opportunity to know & love the kids there!

In both June & November 2012, our mission teams went to Honduras to spend time with the children in COPPROME.  Giving our love & time with the children is often the greatest gift we can provide.  We also bring suitcases of donated items & clothing on each trip. The teams also organize and deliver food & school supplies to a local village called Monte de Olivos. By continuing to visit & support these communities we've seen the growth & development of the children, as well as the communities.  

In June 2011, a Team of Adults and Youth set to work on building a playscape at the COPPROME orphanage.  The playscape was a huge hit for the children!  The Youth members of the Team were able to experience life with Teens at the orphanage.  They learned that while their lives were very different, they have many of the same interests - soccer, school work, and yes, Facebook!  They also were able to distribute food to the people of Mt.Olives, who have now received land from the church in Honduras to establish a permanent community.  We are blessed to see this ministry serving our Brothers & Sisters in Christ, in Honduras!  Vistors from our parish will be going in June and October, as well.  Contact Katrina & Rudy for more information.

The November 2010 Team spent time in the neighborhood outreach programs, tutoring centers, as well as doing some repair projects at the orphanage, i.e. repairing chairs in the dining hall and painting.  They also be assembled and distributed food packages (rice/beans, etc.) to the people in Mt. Olives.  These people have had their lean-to homes ravaged by the severe rains.  The food distribution will be very helpful to them.  Please consider donating to support this effort!

In June 2009, a group of 10 SJV Parishioners went to El Progresso, Honduras.  The group brought 13 suitcases of donated items, such as children's clothes, shoes, bedding, etc.  The team spent time with the people, particularly the children, of El Progresso - staying with host families throughout the city or at the COPPROME Orphanage, run by the School Sisters of Notre Dame.  Pictures from the trip are located on the right, under photo albums.  The trip was planned in conjunction with Friends of Los Ninos

Frequently Asked Questions

Cost: Summer trips are estimated at $1550 & Fall/Winter trips are approximately $1400 (exact costs are dependent on the # of travelers & current airfare rates). This cost includes flight, hotel, & most meals.  
Food & Lodging:  Groups stay in a local hotel near the orphanage.  Breakfasts are eaten at the hotel & most lunch & dinners are eaten at the orphanage, with some at restaurants.
Travel Requirements:  Current US Passport (expiration date must be at least 3 months after return travel date) & EIM current certification

If you are interested in participating, or would like more information email